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The SoulStar Academy was founded with a passionate spirit and a lofty objective: to offer Ethical, Trustable and Empowering Education which unites people, organisations and communities, helping them grow into the best they can be for a far greater, kinder, wiser world.

We are passionate about Branding, Online Marketing, Social Media and healthy, happy, empowered Humans & Businesses.

We like to call ourselves the “Ethical Eco-Friendly Biz Folks With Soul”.
We offer a range of services and products specialising in Branding & Social Media Marketing. For many, getting going, let alone getting online is an overwhelming job, so The SoulStar Academy helps businesses to get going and be seen fast online. Our training courses are delivered with simplicity, integrity and power and passion. We work hard to source and analyse the current online world’s resources, tools and products that are available and distill these down into simple, savvy, effective tools and courses.

So how can we help you ?

Because The SoulStar Academy has a background in Finance, Fashion, Photography, Retail Management, Retail Sales & Service, Natural & Alternative Therapies, Hospitality, Human Resources Management, Finance, Theatre, Payroll, Accounting and Liquidations we know these skills make the perfect ingredients for a successful business recipe. We love to make business not just efficient but also beautiful. And this hotpot of powerful ingredients truly do make a delicious gourmet recipe.

We also ADORE metaphysics, yoga and nourishing foods and know this is the perfect fuel for success in any endeavour.

A healthy and successful business is built on the foundation of a a healthy human so we pepper our content with world class health and lifestyle tips which make living and working fun and productive and which supports their ability to serve and succeed.

Our most delicious past clients include

★ BaliSpirit Festival ★
★ Byron Spirit Festival ★
★ ZenThai Shiatsu ★
★ The Lovelight Crystal Temple & Yogawear ★
★ The Gold Coast Organic Market ★
★ Uplift Connect Festival ★

~ And many more ~

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Come join our Star Tribe so we can help your business shine.

Hi, I’m Bella, the Founder of

The SoulStar Academy, and this is my story.

After a busy, challenging and successful life, with a history in fashion, photography, retail management, sales, hospitality, HR management, corporate financial management and HR / Payroll Systems, in 1999 I decided to step into the unknown, and leave corporate Sydney. My plan was to travel globally as I felt with no real plan. I ended up visiting USA, Mexico, Thailand, Asia, Europe and around Australia.

This allowed me to become really clear on my passions and purpose, defrag from the corporate grind, to find and heal my soul and to have LOTS of fun surfing the globe and the magic of travel. Needless to say it was an epic journey and I returned a whole new person, determined to start a new life with the new me and in a new city.

But I still had some hoops to jump through.

I knew I had something valuable inside me to share and I knew I wanted to have a positive impact on the world, but I had no real idea what or how. I also wanted to create my own business which would be timeless and which wouldn’t wear me out as had been the case in corporate Sydney.

So I started on the path of working with small businesses, using my old skills, to assist them with financials and management. To make sure I enjoyed this, I chose the niche of “Financial Management for Ethical, Wellness & Arts Organisations”. I had a swag of wonderful clients with awesome ethical businesses and I learnt A LOT.

Then, from 2003 onwards, I became a course and information junkie. I attended every seminar I could and studied world class business leaders and marketers. I reviewed dozens and dozens of sales pitches, products and courses, attended hundreds of hours of webinars and attended Chris Howard’s personal development and visioning seminar yearly while studying property investing and online marketing fervently. I built my property portfolio and truly believed I was going well.

All this was amazing, but somehow it felt soul-less.

And then the 2008 GFC hit had a huge impact on me psychologically, financially and emotionally and. Most importantly, it awoke me to the truths of global economics and global adversity. I had trusted my broker and he had failed to inform me clearly, and it cost me $36,000 to fix the problem. Needless to say I was devastated  and a deep desire was triggered in me to simplify my life and follow my heart. I no longer wanted to be so debt laden and working in a field I was not 100% passionate about.

So I moved from Financial Management to Video & Social Media Marketing and sold off 2/3rds of my property portfolio. I took time out and attended many yoga and music festivals, as a participant and as a video and social media specialist.

It was so much fun, but I was always so TIRED! Little did I know I was actually spiralling down into chronic illness. I was then forced to take time out to heal and rest, so I spent the years from 2012 to 2015 in solid dedication to finding out why I felt so chronically tired.

After many natural therapist consults, blood tests, Shaman, Balinese healers, priestess blessings, water purifications, acupuncturists, herbs, bioresonance tests and more, I found out that I had chronic glandular fever, Hashimotos and a swag of other health challenges. A fine brew of very disempowering afflictions indeed.

So I changed EVERYTHING, diet, lifestyle, thinking and habits and spent thousands on wellness products and herbs and consults, and worked closely with an expert Naturopath who worked miracles on my mind, body and spirit. After all this hard work, and great expenditure, I felt so much better! PLUS I felt calm and measured and clear, like the storm of illness washed away all my worry and “drivenness” (is that a word? 🙂

Finally, in 2016, at last the perfect business path became clear and The SoulStar Academy was born. Being able to co-ordinate all my key values, passions and skills into a service which truly served my community plus the greater good via online education felt SO PERFECT. Being super tech savvy, uber arty and creative, an information junkie, and a systems genius The SoulStar Academy felt like the perfect crucible for all my talents, passions and skills PLUS helps me achieve my vision of a wiser, healthier and more sustainable world.

The SoulStar Academy provides online training systems & courses which guide and educate people to create and grow their business in a holistic and ethical manner, taking lifestyle into account, and using heart based ethics which help define businesses, products and services which serve the greater good.

I could even be called a “Business Doula” as my real passion is branding (my first course) and I have a keen eye for design and logic for business identity, especially for wellness providers. With so many “money driven” organisations and courses online, I want mine to shine bright as a trustable, grounded and practical option which not only empowers, but assists to co-create a greater good.

So I’m honoured you are here now, reading this and I welcome you to come journey with me so that I may contribute positively to your world.

Namaste :: In Lakech