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Does your current branding need help?

Have a biz / product / service idea but don’t know where to start?

Don’t despair. We can fix this.

How? Read on …

The average human is exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages daily. So that means only the most distinctive, attractive message will stand out in the crowd.

This could be you.

Learn how to create your own BRAND THAT ROCKS with this epic online course which will give you the Brand Boost it needs. Get the first module FREE by subscribing to our VIP list, plus a 75% discount on the course.

Powerful words and images make the difference between so-so results and success for your business plus also work FOR you all day and all night.

But, if you are like many businesses you may have trouble getting the right words and images together for your business. Things like websites, letters, direct mail, brochures, policies and procedures manuals all can seem pretty overwhelming.

The Branding Hacks That ROCK  e-course gives you our top secrets for creating compelling and distinctive branding. The messages in these secrets are transferable to all your marketing and online media needs as well as business policies and online systems.

And this course is fairly timeless so you will get stunning longevity out of the information you will learn.

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This course is perfect for you if you have been


★ Considering starting or launching a new venture online or offline and want to test out your idea

★ Considering boosting, expanding or growing your venture

★ Planning to increase your marketing efforts and gaining more leads and traffic

★ Struggling with your marketing or needing to save time and money on marketing efforts

★ Needing to ensure your brand is clear and congruent in all your marketing and online profiles

★ Wanting to leverage your time better by having a congruent brand working FOR you and communicating your message clearly

★ Wanting to manifest your vision in the best way possible

★ Considering unifying your team and staff with a clear and common organisational vision

★ Needing to get your customer avatar clear so you speak directly to your audience with gusto

★ Looking to take your professional presence to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, looking to jump-start a blog or side hustle, or simply looking to learn more about branding

★ Seeking to create, enhance or recreate your life or career via your personal brand. It will assist to align every part of your life with your values, strengths, and goals, you will be able to create a positive and lasting impression on each person you meet. Your personal brand can be your greatest asset. With the help of this course, you will learn to transform your identity into a successful personal brand

★ Looking for a trustable, practical and thorough branding course that gets to the point

★ Feeling really new to marketing and branding and don’t know where to start

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★ Make your marketing as easy as copy and paste thus help free up your time

★ Help your audience be much more clear on what you are offering without having to ask you

★ Allow you to test run a new idea or business with no up front costs thus saving you time and money

★ Help you build a stunning, distinctive and memorable brand for your business that occupies space in your audience’s mind

★ Ensure your logos, collateral, and customer experience all contribute to your company’s brand and its bottom line

★ Enable you to set up solid foundations to build your venture on which helps it rise and shine bright in a noisy marketplace

★ Create customer attraction and loyalty and humanize your venture

★ Turbo boost your marketing efforts and systems

★ Build and increase your reputation with solid, distinctive, congruent Branding

★ Empower your venture to be seen and prosper

★ Guide you on creating a compelling brand that will reflect the authentic values of your venture

★ Show you the framework with which you can define your target consumer in a way that you can build brand value and define your product / service benefits that will be relevant to your target consumer

★ Give very clear idea of how a quality branding can drive your professional and personal success, and what benefits you can reap from simply… being your true self!

★ Help you define exactly what sets you apart from the crowd, and help you shine bright in this noisy marketplace


Why choose this course?

Us folks at The SoulStar Academy are authentic, ethical, grounded and passionate about branding and marketing. We also LOVE ethical businesses and are passionate about helping them rise and shine. So many wonderful ventures online struggling with their identities and marketing who really deserve to gain more visibility. Choosing to Brand right and well is the ultimate personal development journey with far reaching benefits. Most things worth doing aren’t easy, this course makes Branding Easy.


Course prerequisites


★ You do not need to have any prior experience to take this course

★ Commitment to your own success

★ A willingness to learn

★ A willingness to focus on determining what you want to create

★ A commitment to consistency which is a key to becoming recognizable and trustable

★ Radical honesty to find your venture’s best authentic self


CLICK HERE to get the first module FREE



What people are saying about the BRANDING HACKS THAT ROCK e-course


Julie from Nourishing Change

“What an enjoyable course this is! A practical process that focuses you on you! Full of great tips, useful resources and real world examples, presented in a down to earth way in everyday language.

This course makes the world of Branding easy to delve into.”

Julie ::Nourishing Change


“If you are looking to stand out in the crowd with your business Bella is the perfect person. In my business dealings with Bella, I have found her very reliable, generous, creative and determined to make whatever she does thrive. I wish you all the best in this new venture Bella.”

Rhonda :: Sound Moves :: WomanShine



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